2016 – Master of Arts diploma at the master program in Interface Culture, Kunstuniversitӓt Linz, Austria

2015-2016 – Studies at IAMAS, Institute of Advanced Media Arts and Sciences, Ogaki, Gifu, Japan

2013-2014 – Bilgi University Istanbul, Visual Communication Design department (VCD), Erasmus exchange, Istanbul, Turkey

2007 – Magister of painting diploma at the Faculty of Fine Arts, Belgrade, Serbia

2001 – Bachelor and Master diploma  at the Faculty of Fine Arts, Belgrade, Serbia



2016 –  The hand gesture creates, through centuries, lines of a hand gesture movement, Center for visual education “Šumatovačka”, Belgrade, Serbia

– Sunflower, Asimo and a Cat, Cultural Center “Ribnica”, Kraljevo, Serbia

2015 –  Light travels faster to us than sound, AU Gallery, Vienna, Austria

2013 –  Where have you been all my life?, Ukradena Galerie Linz, Austria

2011 –  What is Contemporary?, Magacin, organization of Dom omladine, Belgrade, Serbia

– Strategy DAY + NIGHT, Magacin, Belgrade, Serbia

2010 –  Black Rabbit/Polje Crnog Zeca, DKSG Gallery, Belgrade, Serbia

2007 –  Ratman, FLU Gallery, Belgrade, Serbia

2004 – Breakfast with the head, Remont Gallery, Belgrade, Serbia

2002 – White-hot, Fresh, Voracious Meat, SULUJ Gallery, Belgrade, Serbia

2001 – 120 pictures in 60 minutes, with Aleksandar Jestrovic, SKC Gallery, Belgrade, Serbia

–  ‘I’m 9 years old and I’m afraid of ladder’ performance, SKC Gallery, Belgrade, Serbia



2011 – ISCP, international studio&curatorial program, NY, USA

2010 – Dan/ Lia Perjovschi class, International Summer Academy of Fine Arts, Salzburg, Austria

2008 – Nancy Davenport class, International Summer Art Academy, Salzburg, Austria

2007 – Nancy Davidson & Julie Hayward class, International Summer Art Academy, Salzburg, Austria

2006 – PLATFORM Garanti Contemporary Art Center, Istanbul, TR



2015 – POST POST exhibition of Interface Culture at POST CITY Ars Electronica festival, Linz, Austria


 2009 – Contingent Identities (Border DisorderV)DEPO Istanbul, TR

 2007 – Alien (Border DisorderIV), Marzik, Kraljevo, SR

 2005 – Border DisorderIII, SKC and OZON Gallery, Belgrade, SR



2016 – New People, learning-play workshop, and performance, with the group Chto Delat from St.Petersburg, Russia, at CZKD, Belgrade, Serbia

– Crossing through media, lecture-presentation at Film forum SKC, Belgrade, Serbia

– Lectures at the seminar, Kokusai Gakuin University, Hiroshima, Japan

2014  Istanbul Smart City, with Andreas Schneider (IIDj, Tokyo) and Cihangir Istek (Bilgi University), VCD Bilgi University, Istanbul, TR

2009 – Contingent Identities (Border Disorder V), Istanbul, Turkey

2007 – Alien (Border Disorder IV), Marzik, Kraljevo, Serbia

2005 – Border Disorder III, SKC and OZON Gallery Belgrade, Serbia

2004 – Belgrade-Basel project ‘Schule für Gestaltung’ Basel, Switzerland

– Border Disorder II, Splab Gallery, Aarhus, Denmark

2003 – Speak up, with student-participants from Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Croatia, Macedonia and Serbia, under leadership of Mika Hannula and Branislav Dimitrijevic at Museum of Contemporary Art Belgrade, Serbia



2016 –  Festival S.U.T.R.A, Museum of science and technic, Belgrade, Serbia

– INTERACTING ART: working unworks and unworking works, Raumschiff, part of the program RADICAL ATOMS Ars Electronica, Linz, Austria

– WRONG, New Digital Art Biennale (Spain), Interface Change Culture, INTERNET (2015-2016)

2015POST POST, Ars Electronica festival, Linz, Austria

– Resonate festival, Belgrade, Serbia

– Unmade Displays, Villa Manin, Film Forum Udine, Itally

– Time is Love 8, curated by Kisito Assangni, Screening: Sobering GalerieParis, National Institute of Fine Arts Tetouan – Morocco, Sala Rekalde Bilbao, A LAB Amsterdam, Zeta Art Center& Gallery Tirana, Expressive Arts Institute San Diego, USA

2014 –  Iz druge ruke/2nd Hand, Paviljon Cvijeta Zuzorić, Belgrade, Serbia

2013  TOTAL RECALL, The Evolution of Memory – Ars Electronica festival, Linz, Austria

– Metaphors – nomadenetappe – Kunst und Theorie Untere Donaulände 4020 Linz, curated by: Enrique Tomás

– Time is Love 6, curated by Kisito Assangni, Screening: Mori + Stein Gallery, London; Sazmanab, Tehran

2012 – Overlapping Biennial – 5th Edition of The Biennial of Young Artists – Biennial of Young Artists, Bucharest, Romania

– Time is love, 5th edition/curated by Kisito Assangni, Screening: Box) Videoart Project Space – Via Federico Confalonieri 11 – Milan, Italy; Savvy Contemporary Art –Berlin, Germany; The Garage Gallery in Cooperation with Expressive Arts Institute USA; Galerie Octobre, Paris, France; KULTER. Amsterdam; CITY ART GALLERY, Kharkov, Ukraine

2011 –  PASSWORD, Primo PianoLivin Gallery, Lecce, Italy – EYE OF THE STORM, Primo PianoLivin Gallery, Lecce, Italy


– ART-ATHINA, The 17th edition of the International Contemporary Art Fair of Athens, curator Anja Obradovic, Greece

– The Merchant of Dreams Show, curator Dores Sacquegna, Primo PianoLivin Gallery, Lecce, Italy

– Language is a virus, curator Dores Sacquegna, Primo PianoLivin Gallery, Italy

2010 – INSIDE/OUTSIDE, Primo Piano LivinGallery, Lecce, Italy

– Time is love.3, International video art exhibition curated by Kisito Assangni, Berlin, Germany

2009 – Dialogues Parallels, French Cultural Center, Belgrade, Serbia

2008 – Warming project, at Formwerk, Eskilstuna, Sweden

– Here..There..Abroad..project, curated by Fatos Ustek, Rum 46, Aarhus, Denmark 

– Spaport – “It’s raining outside, but I don’t believe that it is.” – international annual exhibition of contemporary art, Banja Luka, BiH

2007 Next code: love, Steirischer Herbst festival, Graz, Austria

– Dez. Org. Yu Today, Cantieri Teatrali Koreja, Lecce, Italy

2006 –  Asolo film festival, Italy

–     Arhipelag Arhipelag, festival, N.Gorica, Slovenia

–     Pixel dance, festival Thessalonica, Greece

2005 –  Video tapestry, video festival, Velenje, Slovenia

–     Colony 2001, Remont Gallery, Belgrade, Serbia

–     18ter/18th Stuttgarter Filmwinter, Festival for Expanded Media, Stuttgart, Germany

2002 – Time Codes, 5th International Biennale of Young artists, Vršac, Serbia



2016 – Förderungsverein grant, Kunstuniversitӓt Linz, Austria

2015 – Auslandsstipendium, Kunstuniversitӓt Linz grant, Austria

2013 – Erasmus scholarship grant, Kunstuniversitӓt Linz, Austria 

2011 – The City Hole Belgrade grant, Belgrade, Serbia

– Republic of Serbia-Ministry of Culture grant, Belgrade, Serbia

2010 – Kultur Kontakt Grant, Austria

– Trust for Mutual Understanding grant, NYC, U.S.

– Republic of Serbia-Ministry of Culture grant, Belgrade, Serbia

2009 – The City Hole Belgrade grant, Belgrade, Serbia

– European Cultural Foundation, Step Beyond grant, Amsterdam, HN

2008 – Kultur Kontakt grant, Vienna, Austria

2007 – The Finland Embassy grant, Belgrade, Serbia

– Republic of Serbia-Ministry of Culture grant, Belgrade, Serbia

2006 – Backyard Residency, Platform Garanti Contemporary Art Center grant, Istanbul, Turkey

– Republic of Serbia-Ministry of Culture grant, Belgrade, Serbia

2005 – First price, award at the video festival ‘Video tapestry’, Velenje, Slovenia

– Nordic Ministry of Council grant, Copenhagen, Denmark

– Pro Helvetia grant, Swiss Cultural Program Belgrade, Serbia

– Republic of Serbia-Ministry of Culture grant, Belgrade, Serbia

2004 – Schule für Gestaltung grant, Basel, Switzerland